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Monday, February 21, 2005

Thinking Places

We've said it before and we'll say it again: If you want to see what a good blog likes like, go to Praties Place. She has a piece on the Easter Islanders that has drawn our attention (we take issue with some of the conclusions and make our case in the comments section). The blog is a must daily read. It is informative, entertaining and in a milieu filled with self publishing morons, Praties Place is refreshing oasis of intelligence. Look for a review of that very fine blog soon.

Speaking of reviews, we are going to review some good and bad blogs this week. We are also going to look at and discuss some blogging trends- some we believe are good and others that are at best, idiotic (we're trying to be nice).

By the way, via Praties Place (whom we are convinced has a blogdar unit for finding cool stuff), we came upon this blog, ZeNeece's World- another fine example of what's out there.

manages to assemble some of the more interesting news content that is out there and present those item in a way that make you want to slow down and think a bit. There was one piece on a promising cancer cure that is just stunning in it's implications.

The blog is different- you cannot walk away without thinking.

Now, now, don't be scared- thinking isn't as painful as you might think.