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Friday, April 08, 2005

Connect The Dots?

Is there a 'connect the dots' component between teenage sexuality and parenting? If there is, to what extent?

Our children face pressures now that we can't relate to- and it's incumbent on us not to dismiss them because we can't possibly comprehend how kids can think that oral sex doesn't 'count', for example. Or lay their creation at the feet of popular culture…lax parental influences…or the ravages wrought by societal shifts over time. We don't have time to blame ourselves- or each other. What we are compelled to do is to deal with those pressures now, as best we can, using every single tool at our disposal.
Mamacita said,
Parents themselves, even when home with a child, are often living examples of bad parenting and nonexistent social skills. Drunks, drug users, adulterers. . . . all in front of a child. Some kids don't know these are not normal lifestyles until they come to school. Tiny kids often have the worst potty mouths imaginable, because kids learn to speak by imitating the adults around them. Some parents talk that way all the time, and don't bother to change even when a little child is in the room. Every part of speech has a usage for the word "fuck" these days.

My last few years in the middle school were spent largely chasing kids out of the bathroom of the opposite sex. Blowjobs were all the rage. It was all they could talk about. They even drew pictures and diagrams, of kids 'doing it,' or 'how to do it' for the uninitiated.

...The parents were our worst problem, because they simply refused to believe their innocent child could possibly do that, and they became furious at the implication.
Is there a connect the dots reality here- or is it still a matter of comparable of 'apples and oranges'?