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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Don't Know much About History, Pissant?

We had originally intended to write about the Pope and religion tonight, but we decided to do that tomorrow. Right now, we need to put out a fire fueled by ignorance. When we're done, some of you might not be happy, but for a change, you will know reality.

SC&A have been reading some of the comments to our earlier piece, Politics Cannot Hide The Truth. We are somewhat perturbed at how history is being 'spun,' so much so that even the most basic of facts are being lost or rewritten. We will not attempt to opine on history or it's after effects. We will only provide the facts as they are, all documented and verifiable.

In 1967, Egypt kicked out UN peacekeepers from the Sinai Peninsula. They massed troops on israel's borders and threatened her destruction. Radio broadcasts at the time, monitored and recorded, exhorted Arab troops to an orgy of destruction, rivers of blood and rape- literally, saying these was Islamic destiny. Syria followed suit, massing borders on Israels northern flank. The Gulf of Aqaba was blockaded (an act of war in itself) and despite pleas from Israel to Jordan's King Hussein, he too was to enter the fray.

In response, Israel called up it's armed forces and reserves and on June 5, 1967, launched a preemptive strike against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. It was over in 6 days. By then, Israel has crossed the Suez Cana and had taken Gaza (Dayan said, "Give me 12 hours and I can be in Cairo." Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed). Syria lost the Golan Heights (their soldiers were chained to their positions, literally) and Jordan lost the West Bank and Jerusalem.

We'll skip around a bit, timewise. Israel offered the land back, for peace, secure borders and mutual recognition. The Arab countries said no and ratified that 'No' in The Khartoum Declaration of 1968. There it was decided that violence would not cease until Israel and her inhabitants were destroyed. Their words, not ours.

Back to the timeline. What Israel found in the West Bank and Jerusalem was appalling. Despite repeated promises and agreements, Jordan had never allowed Jews to their holy sites and Houses of Worship. There was a reason for that.

Every single Jewish House of Worship was destroyed- all of them. The tombstones of the Mount Olives Cemetary, millenia old, were desecrated. Many were used to line latrines and as sewage conduits by the residents and the Arab occupants of Jerusalem. The area in front of the Wailing Wall, the most sacred of Jewish holy sites was a garbage dump, some 60 feet deep, by some estimates. Yes, there are photos and other documented evidence of these realities.

This should not be a surprise. Amin al Husseini, uncle to Yasser Arafat was an unabashed supporter of Hitler and the 'Final Solution.' He once bitterly complained that the Jews weren't being killed fast enough. Ever the true believer, his most treasured possesions were the photographs he had taken with himself and the Fuhrer. For Husseini, it wasn't only a theoretical exercise- he arranged for thousands of Muslim Bosnians to volunteer to serve the Reich. As an aside, Arafat on more than one occasion related his admiration for Husseini.

Much has been made of Israeli treatment of Palestinians, so let's examine that. When the Israelis entered Jerusalem, they found the few Christian schools forced to teach the Quran. The found unreliable electricity, schooling (girls were forbidden to go to school), virtually no health care and a non existant economy.

While we do not wish to get into lists, the Israelis provided to the Palestinians- the very ones who tried to destroy the ancient and proud history with deliberate malice- schools and universities, health care, sanitation, electricty, an economy and an infrastructure they had never known. Don't think the Palestinians don't know it. Daniel Pipes has an interesting article called "The Hell of Israel is Better Than the Paradise of Arafat." While some of you may not like Pipes, his piece is interesting and accurate.

In point of fact, the 'occupation' is the most benign occupation in history. Remember, the Israelis were willing to give all the land back for peace and hade made that offer for over 30 years. (which they did with Sadat of Egypt, and King Hussein of Jordan- who promptly turned over the West Bank to Arafat).

Palestinian terrorists are not the IRA. The IRA wanted a political settlement, the Palestinians see this as a religious fight, a Jihad to eliminate the 'Jews.' Weekly mosque sermons (some broadcast on 'secular' PA TV drive home that reality as they end with calls of 'Itbach al Yahudi!'- 'Slaughter the Jews!' Often, that call is followed up with calls to 'Slaughter the Americans' or 'Slaughter the Infidels!(non muslims) Again, this all a matter of public record.

In age of destruction that is unparalled in history, the Israelis have been remarkably restrained. If they really wanted to kill Palestinians, they have the firepower to do so. The rest of the Arab world never gave a damn about the Palestinians in the past, and they don't really care about them now.

In Saudia Arabia, Imams talk about how it is incumbent on Muslims to rape and take as slaves, Jewish and Christian women. Darfur is ignored as tens, if not hundreds of thousands die at the hands of the janjaweed, the Arab militias- not before the women are raped as the janjaweed women sing in joy. Our previous post highlighted some of the atrocities going on that are being ignored, so we will not repeat them here. What we will say is that in any crises situation, there is a matter of triage, prioritization that must take place. Further, for the most part, the Arab world had nothing to do with the Holocaust- yet every day, they attach themselves to it and worship the evil doers. They have the chance to take the moral high ground vis a vis a Christian Europe, but instead, they gleefully wallow in the pig slop of Nazism with the fervor of the newly converted. If that weren't enough, they teach the filth in schools, as an adjunct to to perverted religious teachings, justifying their own corrupted beliefs.

The obsession with Israel as a moral failure is absurd. If it weren't for the Israelis, the Palestinians would still be in the dark ages, without heathcare, education or even sanitation. One has to ask oneself, what is the obsession with Israel all about? Well, if you say you don't know, think again. At least be honest with yourself. A transparent sheet is still a sheet.

Further, let's get real about who we are dealing with. The PA, past and present, rival the UN in it's level of corruption. Arafat squirrerled away billions while Israelis provided health care. Since the Oslo Accords, the PA did not build one hospital or school- not one. They did however, manage to build a casino- for themselves.

Lastly, we are going to talk about the (in)famous settlements. Have you ever wondered why there were never any demonstrations against the building of the settlements? Can you imagine the PR value of a hundred little school girls, sitting in the road and blocking a bulldozer?

The reason is because PA ministers own the construction companies that build the apartments. It's been going on for years and only recently, has the matter been discussed in the Arab press. Sadly, 'Cementgate,' as it was called is no longer on the Arab press agenda. Israeli settlements are being built by Palestinian companies, owned by PA ministers and big wigs. They are in no rush for a peace deal- the Israelis pay, other Arabs don't.

The Arabs call the creation of the State of Israel the Naqbah, the 'Catastrophe.' As one Arab friend of mine bitterly said, 'The real Naqbah is video and audio tape. We can no longer hide who we are from the world and from ourselves.'

Welcome to the real world, ladies and gentlemen. Take your pissant, no nothing feelings and ignorant ass selves and hit the road (If we didn't say that, we wouldn't be SC&A).