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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fruits, Fashion and Travel

Those of you that have not read or chosen to comment on Betsy's Guest Post, are missing out. Most assuredly, the conversation will evolve. We have received some excellent posts/essays and you won't be dissapointed.

will have guest post later on (about sex- This way we know you'll be back), but for now, we want it known that we have restrained ourselves to the point of bursting.

The aforementioned blogger idiot (see post below and if you are still clueless), cannot restrain herself. Apparently, she is not happy with the way NG is handling her blogroll link check and has let NG know this in no uncertain terms in another expressive email.

This is the third email NG has received today- the third email criticizing NG.

On another note, SC&A are preparing for a trip up north this weekend. Luckily, the baby seal hunt will still be in full swing. We don't really care, but we wanted to mention that. Did that irritate some of you? Good. Before anyone gets pissed off and cares to pen a long letter to us or leave a nasty comment, there had better be an even longer comment or post on your blog concerning the slaughter in Darfur.

We will of course, be posting from the Great White North, including a special post on matters of NG fashion. There will be the odd reference to sex, but that is simply to see how often you come by to make sure you don't miss anything.