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Thursday, April 07, 2005

NG Hits The Big Time

We don't wish to draw attention from Betsy's post fine guest post, but SC&A would be remiss in not pointing out a NG milestone, in the inimitable SC&A style.

NG has now hit the 'big time.'

She is now the recipient of a constant barrage of emails, advising her on how to improve her blog. That's right, there is some idiot out there telling her what is wrong with her blog, rating each each post and making known
how unhappy she with NG. Who is NG's charming critic? Well qualified, to be sure, with one whole month of blogging experience behind her.

NG has always always asked for suggestions, new ideas and ways to better her blog, and will continue to do so. Unsolicited criticism- even from a seasoned pro like the aforementioned idiot, is well, priceless.