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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Word From The Emergency Blogging System

In cooperation with the local authorities, SC&A are experiencing some technical difficulties, with Haloscan and an 'On The Couch With SC&A,' featuring The Barking Dingo- a blogger we like and respect. His responses to our queries are well worth the read and will get your attention, for sure. We hope to have that up soon.

As to those of you who would consider a guest post, accept our thanks. We will contact you tommorow and work out the details. Our invitation is extended to anyone who has already commented, or who intends to comment on our prior posts, subject to a few rules (as in, we reserve the right to limit access for the insane) and editing.

If this were a real emergency, we would go to bed and let you stay up all night, waiting and wondering..