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Monday, September 12, 2005

A Tale Of Two Peoples

Americans are upset that relief was too long in coming to New Orleans residents. Arabs did nothing to improve the lot of Palestinians for decades.

Americans opened their doors and hearts to those displaced by the disaster that was Katrina. Arab coutries kept their own in squalid refugee camps.

Americans donated money and relief supplies to those most affected and worked hard to make sure that the relief was had by those most in need. The Palestinians were promised billions by other Arabs- money that even the Palestinians admit they never got.

Americans watched as the federal government and the Red Cross handed out debit cards and checks to all. The Palestinians took billions in aid and watched it disappear via corruption and outright thievery.

Americans moved tones of material over vast distances to ensure the comfort of those in distress. Palestnians, by the millions, supported groups who would smuggle weapons and take delight in the death of innocents.

Americans prayed for the relief and well being of the displaced. Palestinians, in blind hatred, pray for the destruction of a people- and proceeded to destroy Houses of Worship.

Americans want the children affected by the disaster not to miss school, and the opportunity to prepare for a future. Palestinians do not want to miss the opportunity to teach hate and death at the expense of a useful education.

American citizens demand accountability from all levels of government. Palestinian factions, in a culture of lawlessness and retribution, demand accountability from their populations. The price of dissent is death.

And so it goes.