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Monday, October 17, 2005

And Now, The Good News, Tovarisch

Apparently, Teddy Kennedy got it right- this time. There were no calls to lawyers, PR people or the Boston Democrat machine. In addition, he DID remember to call the authorities.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

In other news, Neo-Neocon comments on the Iraqi vote- and those who want to spin the vote as failure. She catches the MSM with their pants down.
One would think that this referendum news would be cause for celebration. I, for one, plan to savor and enjoy it if the constitution is indeed passed. Would that Reuters could spare a moment to do the same. Or are they suffering from the same sort of depression as the NY Times?
Dr Sanity takes note of the vote as well, with a more nuanced observation. In recalling a conversation with a Russian colleague prior to the Wall coming down, the Russian notes...,
" It must be so nice to have an ordinary life where you can do things so normal like buy a bottle of perfume."

When I asked what she meant, she replied that what was everyday "normal" in my life, was an extraordinary event of momentous proportions in hers. "You have a real life," she emphasized, "Ours in the Soviet Union is only an imitation."

I think that is very eloquent. The Iraqis have a real life now--not an imitation one imposed by Saddam. I am not discounting the violence and the work that is yet to be done there, but for the first time Iraqis have a chance to have a normal life pursuing their own happiness and not the whims of a sadistic dictator and his thugs.
Dr Sanity is right on the money. SC&A lived in Eastern Europe just after the wall came down- what she is describing only touches on the abysmal life- or rather existence- that was 'life' behind the Iron Curtain.