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Friday, December 02, 2005

Lounge Singers, Narcissism And Village Idiots

See Shrinkwrapped- there's some really good stuf there. Narcissism, Disintegration Suicidality & the Fall of the West, is the last of a slam dunk series. There are too many good pieces to read to be found, so spend a bit of time there.

Maria Callas in a flightsuit, er, Dr Sanity, belts them out. In a recent session under hypnosis, she revealed she was a lounge singer in another life. After hearing her, we believe there may be something to past life regressions after all. Her other stuff is music for the mind.

Maybe we'll start selling crystals and move the couch- feng-shui, you know?

The Assistant Village Idiot (our apprentice. Sig holds the VI title) has a very good post, Psychiatric Bigotry. You will click through and read it because it involves, sex, penises, Bill Clinton (DOH!) and other assorted prurient interests you might have but will not admit to. There are other good posts there as well, so bring a sandwich and watch out for crumbs over the keyboard.