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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Ten Worst Americans of 2005

Alexandra, of All Things Beautiful, has asked SC&A (among other, lesser shining stars of the blogosphere) for our year end list of the 'The Ten Worst Americans'.

Some of our choices may surprise you. Some may upset you and still others might give you validation as a functioning human being.

Here then, is the SC&A list of the Ten Worst Americans, in no particular order:

Dan Rather, The New York Times And Other Media Outlets

Rather remains a monument to mediocrity- and that is why we consider him one of the worst Americans, because we Americans, are the greatest defenders of a free press- and we deserve better from those we grant constitutional privilege. The argument that 'the free market' is oversight enough for the press is true- and irrelevant. We deserve better. The hypocrisy is stunning- that 'unproven, but true' is a standard we should settle for. Were that the case, we ought not to be still discussing WMD's in Iraq- for which there was far more evidence than the Bush National Guard story. Not even Rather or the Times could dispute Saddam Hussein's use of WMD's or his WMD programs.

The NYT makes the list because it refused, for weeks, to issue a correction after Paul Krugman deliberately lied about 2000 vote recounts. Apparently, the NYT is above correcting itself, if it isn't self serving. Like Pravda and Isvestia before, the NYT is answerable only to the party line.

Fred Phelps, the American Wahhabi

Mr Phelps is a spiteful, hateful man, posing as a cleric. His website, God Hates Fags (we will not link to pornography of any kind) is a reflection of his virulent homophobic beliefs that has caused untold pain to homosexuals and their families and anyone else he feels like punishing. For example, after Matthew Sheppard was tied to a fence and beaten in Wyoming, and left to die because he was gay, Phelps, masquerading as a Christian, and his entourage showed up at the funeral to taunt his parents, friends and family, saying that Matthew Sheppard deserved his fate. Mr Phelps never misses the opportunity to highlight the race or religion of those who oppose his beliefs. More info, here.

Michael Schiavo, et al.

Terri's medical condition had nothing to do with how she was treated, at the insistence of her 'husband.'

Read this: "The humanity of every society is determined first and foremost by how it treats its most helpless citizens, and a nation that is prepared to murder a feeble and vulnerable woman who can breathe but not eat on her own must take a deeper look at the source of its ethics."

We interviewed a health care professional at the time: "
It is immaterial whether or not she can act with reason or control her environment or whatever the arguments may be. Life is valuable in and of itself and doesn't depend on the degree that it brings pleasure or well-being. And, she is alive. It is painful to see sometimes and we don't always understand why God permits such suffering, but suffering does not diminish the value of life."

Michael Schiavo took great pains to 'diminish the value' of Terri's life.

Ranking House Democrats, Hypocrites All

This has nothing to do with the war in Iraq, so quit squirming like a 15 year old in a strip bar.

While the Democrat Leadership has seen fit to excoriate Trent Lott, Strom Thurmond and others for remarks made, they refuse to chastise Robert Byrd, longtime Senator and former kleagle for the Ku Klux Klan. Byrd is on record as saying that he would, "never submit to fight beneath that banner (the American flag) with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds." Among his staunchest defenders is Teddy Kennedy, who 'forgot' to call the police after Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in his car. The good news is that he did remember to call a lawyer, the Boston Democrat machine, a few judges and some friends, before turning in for the night. Somehow, fresh clothes made their way to the Senator's motel room by morning.

Ranking House Republicans, Hypocrites, All

The aftermath of Katrina is still being felt in the region and every day for many is a trial. Our fighting men and women in Iraq need equipment in order to complete their mission. Rather than streamlining the process of aid, House Republicans are tacking pork onto every single bill, causing untold delays, untold suffering and unspoken of and unnecessary deaths. This is an outrage. It doesn't matter which side started it- the Republicans hold the majority in both Houses of Congress and it is incumbent upon them to set the right example.

The American Teacher Unions

This one is a no brainer. These unions are opposed to teacher competency exams or merit pay. That's right- these are the idiots that we are supposed to entrust our kids.

There is a reason teacher competency is an issue. Study after study show that many teachers do not know the subject matter they are teaching and many are barely literate. Is this who you want teaching your kids? While many legislators are sympathetic (even degenerates have kids), teacher unions threaten to withhold endorsements or votes if the status quo is changed. In fact, all change can do is highlight the ineptness of the teacher unions.

Lawyers, pilots and dentists are all subject to competency exams. Sewer workers, trash collectors and bricklayers are not. Is it so hard to see why parents want school vouchers? Time to define yourselves, teachers

Cindy Sheehan

We don't care about her politics. She is entitled to believe whatever it is she wants.

We do find Ms Sheehan deplorable because she allowed herself to be used by those who never cared about her or her son. No matter how grieving, no matter how personally devastated, she allowed herself to be used- and reveled in her 15 minutes of fame, at her son's expense. She lied about being a gold star mother and she lied when she claimed to speak for all mothers with sons in Iraq. She and her supporters don't give a damn about our troops in Iraq and never did.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ramsey Clark And Noam Chomsky

To be fair, these same persons would also win the Entrepeneur of the Year Award, for their ability to extort/make large sums of money and undeserved recognition from those they take to task.

However, since this list is the Ten Worst Americans, they have made this list as well.

Jesse Jackson's son is a beer and liquor distributor in the Chicago ghettos- a prize awarded to his father when he threatened to boycott Anheuser Busch. Toyota, NASCAR and others all paid up when confronted with the threat of 'action'. 'Hymietown' money has been good for Jesse Jackson

Al Sharpton too, uses threats to extort from the City of New York what he will- including a free pass on an alleged drug deal- caught on tape. Where there isn't racism, he will concoct it- as in the Tawana Brawley case. After a fatal traffic accident in which a child was killed in a Jewish neighborhood, Sharpton said, "If the Jews want to get it on,” he said, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house." In subsequent riots, an Australian student was surrounded by mobs screaming "Kill the Jews!" and was stabbed to death. No word from Sharpton on that event.

Noam Chomsky has made a name for himself much in the way Ramsey Clark has. They both have spoken out in defense of Slobodan Milosovic, Saddam Hussein, the butchers of the Rwandan Massacre and terrorists, wherever they might be. The each have accused the United States of unspeakable crimes (far worse than any other crimes comitted anywhere else, by anyone else) and of secret plots, conspiracies and ideas worthy of the tinfoil hat crowdNaturallyly, they are adored in the Arab world, tyrants, dictators of all stripes and by leftists in this country.

They have yet to ever publicly acknowledge the freedoms, support and hope brought to millions the world over by America.

Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans

Remember the busses?
Do you Remember this- "It isn't as if New Orleans were a geographically remote location. It isn't as if New Orleans citizens didn't understand the inevitability of a massive storm. On the face of it, New Orleans should have been one of the most disaster prepared cities in the world. Instead, it was one of the most complacent.

There was never a culture of disaster preparedness. If there were, the citizens of New Orleans would have better heeded the warnings. Why were liquor stores allowed to remain open? Why was the French Quarter a hub of hurricane party activity? It was up to the city and state to impress upon people the importance of hurricane preparedness.

The fact is, Mayor Nagin thought he would skate by, like he always has. The fact is that Mayor Nagin thought the democrat political machine and Governor Blanco would cover his sorry ass. The fact is, mayor Nagin tried to make his failings as mayor about racial inequality- and he even failed at that. Much to his surprise, people aren't as stupid as Nagin- or Blanco, think.

George Steinbrenner

He own the New York Yankees. That is reason enough to make this list.