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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wait Under The Flower Pot And Wear A Purple And Yellow Beret

Neo-neocon is telling secrets. It's a Conspiracy is one of those posts that will never receive the Oliver Stone treatment.
In my lifetime, I really think it all began (well, not began exactly, but became popularized) with the Kennedy assassination. The vast majority of Americans believed--and still believe--that Oswald did not act alone. The polls have been fairly consistent over time: three-quarters of respondents think there was a conspiracy. Three-quarters is practically a unanimity in the world of opinion polling.
Now, think about that- truth can be derived from what we believe or feel. We don't actually have to know or be certain. That of course, is reflected everyday, as media determines what it is we do need or not need to know. In fact, there is an entire agenda predicated on making sure you don't know certain things- and even more malevolently, that agenda often takes the form of deliberate deceit and misrepresentation. Our post, There Comes A Time, highlights just that.
The MSM can barely contain it's next biggest project- the trial of Saddam Hussein. The UN believes his trial is unfair, too. Think about that- the organization that was proved to be corrupt and duplicity on a scale barely imaginable, to the tune of billions and billions of dollars, is outraged that the criminal that facilitated those UN crimes isn't being treated in a way they think he ought to be. The gall, chutzpah and every standard of decency are breathtaking. If tens of thousands of Iraqi children died under the UN 'sanctions,' as is claimed, their blood lies squarely at the feet of UN 'diplomats.' Their greed, avarice and immorality was so great that did not even demand from Saddam that he distribute medicines from warehouses, in exchange for the billions of dollars they shared with Saddam.

Today, here the MSM stands, reporting as if there were a moral voice emanating from the UN, their words, as if they were equivalent to our own.
In fact the MSM deliberately paints a picture of an America that is in direct opposition to the 'high minded' and 'noble' UN.

Conspiracies have no boundaries. They can be, and often are, the product of deliberate misrepresenatations- sometimes subtle, sometimes adversarial, of the agendistas of all stripes. Says the Neo-neocon,
One of my most chilling experiences was a conversation I had a couple of years ago with a good friend of mine. We were sitting having lunch and chatting when she quite casually mentioned that she believes Bush knew all about 9/11 beforehand and let it go forward for his own purposes. A lovely person (a therapist, no less--naturally!), up until that moment she'd never shown any indication of that sort of mindset. But she could not be dissuaded from her idea, and I must say I gave her a wider berth after that.

...I'm an Occam's Razor person myself. I tend to think people are far more likely to be incompetent than cannily and successfully conspiratorial. And I'm aghast that so many people seem to think otherwise.
The people most likely to believe, without reservation, in the kind of conspiracy theory Neo-neocon describes are also the people who trult believe that Mr Bush is Hitler reincarnate and has as his goal a reinstatement of the Nazi agenda and Nazi ideologies. That is not an exaggeration. Spend a bit of time on Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, for example. In what has to be great irony, someone once noted that people most likely to believe in conspiracies are those most likely to participate in conspiracies. What is ironic is that the more significant the event, the more likely there will be charges of (outrageous) conspiracies. In addition, conspiracy theorists usually fail to explain how the most outrageous and complex conspiracy theories, requiring a cast of hundereds (if not thousands) is able to maintain itself. Oh well.
...like children who want everything to have a reason and an explanation, conspiracy theorists can rest assured that at least someone (if only the conspirators) is in control and that there are few accidents, few random terrible and unpredictable events that we cannot control.
Who needs reality? Read Neo-neocon, here.