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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Walks Softly, Carries Big Stick

The Anchoress is back after a brief interval, with her usual superior insight, analysis and a wit that (almost) rivals our own.

While we welcome her return to political minefield, it merits remembering The Anchoress often walks softly and 'carries a big stick'. Her post, American GI's and Kids is just that kind of subtlety.

Without any shame whatsoever, we will carry on The Anchoress theme.

In the spirit of the season and counting ones blessings,
please take a moment and read the following, originally posted in May of this year.
Does this photo remind you of this photo? It should. You may think you know the story behind the second photo. Well, there is more. Read it here.

Here is the story behind that first photo- from the man who took it.

We were going to write a long post but we decided we really did not need to. It wasn't going to be a post for or against anything. We just wanted to point out that evil people will do evil things. In the end, however, the photos and short pieces speak for themselves.

Thanks to Vince Aut Morire for sending us this pic. It is from Beslan.

Hat tip to Beth.