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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hypocrite Senators Gone Wild

SC&A believe that a play by play of today's Alito hearings are in order.

It is rare that we are afforded a look into the inner workings of such a dsyfunctional group. It is particularly annoying and exasperating, as we are actually picking up the tab so these petulant, self absorbed and self important fools can pretend they contribute to good government. These Senators actually believe they are percieved as appropriately serious and grave in their questionong and examination of Mr Alito. They are completely unaware of the spectacle they are making of themselves.

First, we will discuss Mr Alito and the hearings. Then we will discuss the behavior of some of the Senators.

We will get right to the point.

1) Mr Alito is an Appeals Court judge. That means in virtually every case, his rulings are predicated on trial and legal technicalities, period. Asking him about cases he has reviewed is in no way indicative of his legal philosophy.

2) Every legal ethicist that has examined Mr Alito's position as it relates to his sitting on the Vanguard Securities case, have concluded there was no wrongdoing.

3) The American Bar Association has given Sanuel Alito it's highest recommendation, referring to him as an 'outstanding jurist'.

4) By every account, Mr Alito's membership in CAP was passive. Mr Alito has said he does not remember even belonging to the group and the CAP leadership have all said they do not even remember Mr Alito.

That pretty much sums up the Alito reality. If the Democratic Senators really wanted to determine examine Mr Alito's judicial philosophy, they would ask him. The questions would be straightforward.

1) "Mr Alito, how important is the constitution to Americans, every day?"

2) "Mr Alito, what is your vision of the future of America?"

3) "Mr Alito, how do you regard American culture, past, present and future?"

We asked those questions, earlier
. In fact, those three questions would tell us more about Samuel Alito than anything we have learned so far. We wish those questions would be asked of every juducial candidate, for every judicial position.

Now, on to the main attraction.

1) Most of the Senators don't give a damn about Mr Alito or the Supreme Court. If they did, they would allow Mr Alito more time to answer questions than they allowed themselves pompous, bombastic and self serving statements. The Senators focus has been on their own performance, in the hope their pontificating speeches might result in making them look honest and reputable. If it weren't so patently clear, it would be humorous.

2) Some Senators are obssesed with Mr Alitos 'membership' in a campus organization. There were no membership dues, no membership meetings and no other members even remember Mr Alito. The situation is remakably similar to many members proclaiming church membership.

3) Some Senators believe that the CAP membership, so long ago, is enough to exclude Mr Alito from a SCOTUS appointment.

4) If that were the case, Robert Byrd, former KKK member and active participant, should be removed from the sacred Senate.

5) Joe Biden was caught plagarizing- twice. The first time in college, the second time as he ran for the Presidency of the United States. He needs to be removed as well.

6) Teddy Kennedy was expelled from Harvard for cheating, having paid a ringer to take a Spanish test in his place. Over time there have been other, serious indiscretions. Where do we send the bon voyage gifts?

7) Chuck Schumer has some explaining to do. In September of 2005, staffers illegally obtained the credit report of a Republican senatorial candidate. Mr Schumer's staffers posed as the candidate and used his social security number. The staffers were fired only after the crimes were made public.

These Senators are among those sitting in judgement on Samuel Alito, described by everyone who knows him and has worked with him, as a superb and worthy jurist.

These are your tax dollars at work.