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Friday, January 06, 2006

A Look Back, And Why SC&A Blog

Most of us are blessed with being average, toiling away at our professions or work. Many see that reality as final, as if we can never be great or leave our mark.

That is not so. There are moments in life, more often than we realize, when are faced with making a difficult choice or be accepting of a hard truth. As we struggle, we can say to ourselves, "I am not worthy or capable of making this choice, I will do as I have always done or I will do or think as as I am told".

In fact, there isn't a day that goes by that we cannot choose to be great. We are worthy of greatness every day, if we choose that worthiness.

This is a lesson we have learned more than once, from a friend and from a family member.

A few days ago, SC&A received an email from a reader- and a victim of Katrina. Our email correspondent lost the material posessions of a lifetime. As our correspondent made clear, the more important moral and ethical posessions were never in danger. Further, our correspondent told us (to our astonishment!) that the posts we referred to, were to prove a source of comfort to our correspondent.

If someone were to ask why SC&A blog, we would have to answer that it is because we benefit so greatly from our readers.