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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

As the Alito hearings drone on and the Senatorial detachment from reality continues, there are a few other issues that are worth remembering.

While there has been much attention is focused on Samuel Alito's membership in CAP (an organization that by all accounts Mt Alito had no real ties to), the irony of some of those hounding Mr Alito is lost.

Senator Kennedy's moral outrage is particularly amusing. Is Mr Kennedy implying that behavior and events of college days are relevant and germane to these proceedings? If so, Mr Kennedy had best look into the mirror.

As reported by the Boston Globe and other news sources, Senator Kennedy was expelled from Harvard for cheating in 1951. Admirably, Mr Kennedy enlisted in the US Army for 4 years. Mysteriously, the four year enlistment became two years, after family intervention.

In addition, among Mr Alito's most enthusiastic inquisitors is Senator Joe Biden. Senator Biden might be described as a serial plagiarist, having been first caught in law school and later, during a run for the presidency, he was caught once more, lifting whole sectionsfrom a speech delivered by a British politician.

If college behavior was indeed relevant, Senators Kennedy and Biden would be in another line of work.

No doubt the Senator (the former KKK Kleagle that fought civil rights legislation) from West Virginia, Robert Byrd, will soon make his opinion and outrage known.