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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oh Canada, Glorious And Odd...

Kate, over at Small Dead Animals always provides a clear look at the (sometimes strange) goings on north of the 49th parallel. Despite the fact that our neighbors to north are in the midst of election campaigns that appears to have been scripted by Steven King on LSD, Kate's posts have been informative.

Today, she reports on some poor soul that is to be deported back to Belgium. Apparently, 26 years ago, he was convicted of shoplifting. Of course, the Liberal government has been happy to allow Al Qaeda terrorists and money men to remain in Canada, but some poor shmuck who lifted a candy bar (yes, that was rhetoric) is to be deported. We wonder if the deportation order had anything to do with the man's political affiliation.

He allegedly supported the Conservative party.

Read the post
, the links and the comments. Also read Kate's political pieces (posted at the CBC), too, especially here and here.

These guys make Al Sharpton, Lyndon Larouche and Ralph Nader look like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.