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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Half Mast Or Half Brained?

The Canadian MSM are all over newly elected Prime Minister Stephen Harper, because he wants to return to the traditional Canadian custom as it relates to lowering the flag to half mast. Apparently, the MSM is up in arms because lately, the flag on Parliament Hill has been lowered with the death of each Canadian soldier.

Kate, of Small Dead Animals, is all over it with her post, 'Canada's Iraq, Indeed.' Be sure to read the comments, too. As is her style, Kate let's the story tell itself, with very little editorializing. That is why Small Dead Animals shines- her readers come to their own conclusions and her blog isn't about her. The issues- and opinions- of the day take center stage and reveal themselves. Like every good sculptor, Kate knows how to extract what is hidden in the stone. She works with the stone, not against it.

One has to ask the Canadian MSM why they don't support the flag lowered every time a police officer is killed. Maybe it should be lowered everytime a firefighter is killed. Maybe with death of each animal control officer, parliament should come to a standstill.

Of course, perhaps the death of each veteran ought to merit the flag flying at half staff. That way, the flag would never be flown at full staff, again.

And the Canadian MSM would be happy. After all, only those stupid Americans are proud to fly their disgusting flag. Canadians are way too smart to take pride in their country and way of life.