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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rudy Giulinai For President...Of France Or Norway, Or Maybe Of Europe...

The time has come for Rudy Giuliani to run for the presidency of France. Or maybe Norway. Maybe he ought to run for the presidency of the European Union. Europe needs Rudy.

With the goings on and impending implosion of Norway and Sweden (see this and this) under the weight of a collapsing social order, it is clear that the time has come for Europe to clean itself up. Who better to do the job than the man who cleaned up New York City.

To be clear, the former New York Mayor made New York City a safer place to live and improved the quality of life for everyone. Times Square was transformed from a world porn capital and mecca for pick pockets and petty thieves, into a family friendly- and safe destination for New York residents and tourists alike.

The former mayor accomplished the seemingly impossible by enforcing the law, equally. The squeegee people were forced off the streets, as were the porn shop operators, with equal vigor. That distinction is important. While the squeegee people were the poor and often disenfranchised, the purveyors of porn were not- and the threat and cost of endless legal wrangling was not going to stop the mayor from improving the quality of life of New Yorkers. The law was applied equally and without bias. If you broke the law or if you diminished the quality of life of New Yorkers, you were going to be prosecuted. Justice was administered blindly. The mayor made quality of life issues for New Yorkers, a priority.

Maxed Out Mama, in Of Law And Men, pointedly noted that

If a society does not defend the rights of the vulnerable, then inevitably a gang society develops on the street level, as different groups attempt to defend their individual members without any official assistance.
She was referring to the new directives issued to police in the UK, that the law may be enforced selectively. She goes on to say,
A society that will not concede that every individual within it has equal rights to life, liberty and self-defense (which was so unquestioned a proposition at the time our republic was formed that no one felt the need to specify it) is a feudal society that can only survive by enforcing uniformity, and to do that it must abandon the principles of freedom. Communism and Fascism both abandoned the rights of the individual to exalt the rights of the group, and look at the death toll that resulted.
Of course, MOM is right. Laws have to be applied equally at all times.

When immigrants are welcomed into their new homes, there is a certain compact they agree to. They must adhere to the rules and laws of their new home as they assimilate and plant roots into that new culture and society. Almost every immigrant group understands that and is happy to abide by the rules. With the passage of time, democracies come to adopt for themselves the best of what each new group has to offer. Immigrants cannot demand that the compact we have amongst ourselves change, so that they may benefit, exclusively. To respond to those demands- of ten under the threat of violence, is to capitulate into anarchy. France is a perfect example. After kowtowing to a burgeoning Islamic community for decades, they paid the price. The French turned a blind eye to violence, crime, rape and Antisemitism. They paid out cradle to grave welfare benefits, provided free housing and access to as much education as was desired and they were rewarded by the escalating vitriol of religious leaders and eventually, the Paris riots. How did the French government and media react? By denying the truth that these immigrant banlieus in Paris had become dens of crime, by stopping the police from enforcing the law, and eventually, by not reporting on it- as if that would make the problems go away. As the towering French house of cards collapsed, the French government remained in a state of denial.

Notwithstanding French labor laws that protected workers, many immigrants complained they could not get jobs. Employers admitted that they were afraid of immigrant employees. Now, think about that for a minute. All you have to do is show up and you get paid. Nevertheless, immigrants intimidated potential employers. Why? Because they resented having to show up or they made even more unreasonable demands (A job for life with guaranteed raises, apparently isn't enough) on their employers. Those employers refused to hire immigrants because they knew that if their employees broke the rules, the law would not be enforced- and they would be putting themselves in jeopardy. As Fjordman noted,

It took centuries of hard and ingenious work to build our civilized Western society, yet judging from current events, it may take just a few short decades for this civilization to commit collective suicide. It is amazing to see such a rapid dissolution of centuries old European countries due to immigration without assimilation. He goes on to say ā€œDarkness is descending upon Europe when Europeans are no longer safe in their own cities from harassment by Muslim immigrants....
The law must be applied equally, because if it isn't, the slope becomes even more slippery.

It has been noted that the demise of a society begins with broken windows. Wesley Skogan's Disorder and decline: Crime and the spiral of decay in American neighborhoods, theorized that the origins of serious crime began with a breakdown of social order. The neighborhood and community that refuses to act or care about broken windows, will eventually see an increase in crime. Simply put, citizen fear that comes about as the result of social disorder, leads to even more social disorder and thus become the fertile grounds that allow for crimes that plague the neighborhood and eventually, society at large.

It's time to clean up the neighborhood, simply by applying the law, equally. There has been enough, talk.

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!