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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tae Bo For Your Brain

The Anchoress jolts, ever so gently, with some thoughts on some documents coming out of Iraq. Read and see the links. These, too.

Maxed Out Mama makes a post of ours more palatble- for which we are grateful. No one connets the dots like MOM.

Dr Sanity
opines on a subjects she eminently qualified- clear thinking. The Toxicity Of Sloppy Thinking and George W Bush, Dissident; John F Kerry Opportunist, are posts that 'tie up loose ends.' Read both posts and lose that useless mental fat.

is on a roll- and has been for a while. "The Military Scares Me" is a look at the how and why's of reflexive reaction- and the blinders that make those reactions possible. Also, see Hope Is Not A Policy. That post is a necessary splash of cold water. We like Shrinkwrapped, Dr Sanity, Neo-neocon, et al, because they represent the best of think good, rather than feel good therapy- no small matter nowadays.

Speaking of Neo-neocon (her blog is a great way to while a way an Sunday afternoon with good coffee), see the Long Reach Of Vietnam and The Sea Of Faith: The Ebb And Flow Of Religion, both posts that reach touch deep because of Neo's sensitivity to nuance and the sublime.

Lastly, see Fausta's Blog. Day in and day out, she highlights and opines on stories that are either in the news or will be in the news. She has a kind of news relevance radar. Start at the top and work your way down.

One cannot live on SC&A alone. We know how painful that is to hear, but it is true.