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Friday, April 28, 2006

When It Rains, It Pours

This morning, we wrote Sharia Law, Prostitution And Monitoring Mosques, highlighting some of what is going on in the Islamic world.

The Baron, over at the Gates of Vienna, published The First Muslim Blackmail Of Swedish Society, an intersting- and disturbing look at what has become, 'politics as usual' in Sweden. He quotes Fjordman, who is discussing a letter written by Muslims in Sweden:
They are DEMANDING separate family laws for Muslims, regulating marriage, divorce etc.

They are DEMANDING that public schools should employ imams to teach homogeneous classes of Muslims children in their religion and the language of their original homeland. (The city of Malmö already has pre-school classes where all teaching is conducted in Arabic. It’s “good for integration.”)

They are DEMANDING a “mosque in every municipality.” The mosques should be built through interest-free loans made available by the local municipalities. This to demonstrate “Islam’s right to exist in Sweden” and to “heighten the status of and respect towards Muslims.”

They are also DEMANDING separation between boys and girls in gymnastics and swimming education in schools.

They are DEMANDING new laws instating [sic] Islamic holidays as public holidays for Muslims. Swedes should also ensure that all Muslims get two hours off from work during the congregational Friday prayer every week.

They are DEMANDING that the Swedish church, in cooperation with the local municipalities, makes available an Islamic burial ground in every minucipality in the country where there are Muslims.

They are DEMANDING that Swedish authorities and Swedish media take stronger steps to combat Islamophobia in the public and in the Swedish system of education.
We suspect there will be no editorial cartoons on the matter.