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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This morning, we wrote about Mahmoud Ahmandinejad's address to the UN- to say the least, a startling, if not unpredicatable dysfunctional bit of third rate performance art.

Well, Fausta has chimed in on the Hugo Chavez Improv act of this morning. In Hugo's Stand-Up At The UN: "The Devil Is In The House," Plugs Chomsky, she notes,

If it weren't at the UN, it would belong at Comedy Central...

That line alone makes the blog noteworthy. In fact, Fausta has a terrific post and link roundup. As usual, she hits the nail on the head.

Neo-neocon has a terrifc post, A Psychiatrist For Chavez..., a post in which she quite rightly notes that

The most astounding case of Bush Derangement Syndrome ever was paraded before the UN today by the Venezuelan President, who addressed the General Assembly and referred to Bush as the devil. That's a step up in the evil sweepstakes from Hitler, the usual comparison...

Personally, I'm not much into people/devil comparisons. But if the words "the devil came here" had to be used to describe any appearance at the UN yesterday, they might better have been applied to Ahmadinejad.

It's no surprise that Chavez doesn't see it that way. After all, he's making a bid to become a powerful leader, defining himself in opposition to the US (or, as Chavez says, as "the voice of the Third World") and as allied with Iran, Syria, and Cuba.

Neo is nothing if not concise and precise. Her analysis is on the money and her post is dead center on target.

Read Neo.