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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam And The Left, Swinging From The Tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Predictably, much of the left is in a frenzy over the trial and execution of Saddam, because for the first time in a very long while, they, like he, have been exposed for who and what they are- enablers and perpetrators of evil.

The hysteria and chest beating over the execution of Saddam is nothing more than narcissistic theater, designed to camouflage the frenzied demise of that fantasy of moral superiority. Like that great narcissist of our time, that former President they worship, many on the left have been exposed as moral impotents. To justify their existence the left need the trappings and phony good intentions of a pseudo-morality rather than substance of real morality- that ability to draw a line in the sand and commit to defend what is right. They need the equivalent of a cigar or other proxy to finish their self serving drama in the hope that no will will notice their diminished capabilities.

The pattern is clear, unmistakable and oft repeated. As the left screams about the execution of Saddam, they only highlight the truth that they don't really give damn about the victims of evil and never have. The Arab world has imposed the death penalty (outside the regularity of extra judicial killings that kill thousands each year) for centuries. Why is it now, with the execution of Saddam, that the left finds Arab capital punishment so abhorrent? Do not the doctrines of multiculturalism and moral relativism apply? Aren't the regional cultures of the Middle East equal to our own? What is it about the execution of one man the left finds so intolerable, even as in excess of 100 million women have been subjected to Female Genital Mutilation, with not a word from the 'progressives'?

Much of the left highlight their moral impotence and indifference when it comes to Darfur. There are no voices from the left for the victims of the Janjaweed any more than there were voices from the left that spoke out for the victims of Saddam. There are no voices from the left decrying the Iranian mullahs repressive regime and their support for terror. There are no voices castigating the Saudis and their bigotry and more than there were voices from the left that spoke out about Taliban bestial behavior in Afghanistan. The fear, intimidation and murder that is a hallmark of the Allawite regime of Assad clan is ignored as is the pornographic behavior of the Palestinians, masquerading as a civilized society that is equivalent to the society the Israelis have built.

The true (im) moral center of the left is exposed every time the perpetrators of the evil or genocide are brought to justice. The track record is hard to ignore. The left have become Holocaust deniers. Like 'academics' David Duke or David Irving, the mantra of the left has become one of blaming the victims or holding blameless the perpetrator. They will declare that Saddam had nothing to do with the evil and genocide that defined his 30 year tenure as dictator of Iraq, or the evil never really happened, or the Americans or Israelis or all Jews everywhere were really to blame. To the left, the victims, like the truth, matter little.

It is a cultural and moral imperative to fund an Iraq Holocaust Museum, as quickly as possible, because the same kind of morally bankrupt and evil worshipers of evil will deny Saddam's crimes as those who deny Hitler's crimes. Of course, much of the left will oppose that very idea, as they opposed the establishment of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC., much in the same way they desperately want a museum at New York's ground zero to highlight and emphasize America's evil and culpability that lead to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

In the real world where words and behavior do count, there are absolutes- real absolutes. One of those absolutes is that evil must be extinguished.

Suppose Adolph Hitler not committed suicide in a Berlin bunker in 1945. Would it have been better if the beast that authored so much evil and the final destiny of 50 million poor souls, were to have spent 50 years in prison? Would today's American left have ‘felt’ better if there were a trial, whereby Hitler might have defended his own evil? Would they have ‘felt’ better that Hitler might have been allowed a platform to publicly present his hate, camouflaged as scientific and legitimate, or the result of some evil 'conspiracy,' and then be sentenced to life?

Keeping Saddam alive would be no different than keeping Hitler alive. Each would have become icon, a living saint and rallying point for purveyors of evil everywhere. Notwithstanding his death over a half century ago, Hitler still serves as an icon for sick and demented individuals. Saddam will be an icon too, for those who hate.

The absurd centered ‘nobility’ in opposing the death penalty for Saddam points to no added credibility in this particular argument. If anything, that admission puts the left into conflict with more far recognized and respected moral authorities- Elie Weisel immediately comes to mind. The self serving pompous liberal ideology that somehow, ‘justice’ for Saddam would be served if he were not executed, is absurd.

Saddam was no more a common criminal than was Adolph Hitler. Saddam, like Hitler, was the embodiment of evil. His crimes were not committed out of some self serving need or moment of passion. The evil and genocide were a direct extension of the evil and hate he espoused, promulgated and implemented. Evil isn’t a crime and evil isn’t self serving. Evil, is by definition the real multicultural truth: the intent and destiny of evil is to destroy all morality and all culture and all society, everywhere. Support or turn a blind eye to evil in one place and the virus will spread.

The Anchoress rightly agonizes over the execution. Her post is deliberate and in fact, not deserving of much of the knee jerk reaction that has come her way. She notes in The Execution Of Saddam Hussein:

Saddam is clearly an evil man. But evil men have - throughout history - been turned, “converted” by the Holy Spirit. I know John Paul II preferred we err on the side of mercy and assume God’s not done working on anyone of us.

I cannot say I am sad that Saddam will die. I only wonder what it means in the higher realms of heaven, and here on earth, for us.

My wonderings on all of this are not conclusive - there are merely wonderings. These are big questions...

Death, even for those most evil, is a sobering and meaningful event. Death is not ever to be administered lightly, even when we rid ourselves of evil. Nevertheless we are obligated to remove evil from our midst. We are obligated to rid ourselves of the virus that will kill us all. That is part of our bargain with God and part of the bargain we have with each other. That kind of Justice does not only serve God’s laws and Dominion- that kind of Justice serves us even more.

Cancers of hate must be excised- there is not one single example of evil that has been talked into submission. Time and time again, the cost of doing nothing has been incalculable.

The Arab world that refuses to celebrate the death of Saddam only highlights the truth that they are infected with that virus of evil. The fact that it took outside forces to remove Saddam- something the Arab world itself should have done, long ago, only serves to highlight Arab world moral bankruptcy. That moral bankruptcy is highlighted everyday throughout the region as millions honor Saddam as an 'Islamic hero.' What does it say about a culture and region that cannot bring itself to respect a freely elected national unity government in Iraq, preferring instead to lionize a purveyor of genocide and evil? What does it say about the left in this country and the west that deliberately espouse those very same values?

Saddam killed over 2 million Arabs- far more than have died as a result of their 50 year conflict with the Israelis. Palestinians, true to form, supported Saddam the beast till the end and mourned his loss- as if Saddam were the embodiment of the ideal Arab and Muslim. The cost of loyalty is cheap in the Arab world. All that is required is to legitimize dysfunctional behavior as honorable.

The dysfunction of Saddam's legacy is profound and highlight the depth of that surreal detachment from reality. Saddam's daughters steadfastly defend the purveyor of evil, and present him to the Arab world as a 'martyr' of hero. They make no reference to the cascade of death Saddam oversaw for decades. They make no reference to the beast that had their husbands murdered. It is clear Saddam's daughters have no shame. In their world, family loyalty not only excuses the evil, it defends evil.

The last living direct relatives of Adolph Hitler changed their names and went into hiding. Some of Hitler's descendants have spent their lives helping others and all have lived honorable and decent lives. By some accounts they chose not to have children so that the bloodline that brought so much evil into this world might die out. It has been said that they were afraid some purveyors of evil might come and venerate their descendants and elevate them to messianic figureheads of yet another evil agenda.

The Germans, with few extreme exceptions, have rejected Hitler and his ideologies. Contrast that with the behavior of Saddam's family, the Arab world and the left, where supporting Saddam and other leaders of his ilk are not only widely accepted as a righteous cause, but reason for violent and evil Jihad.

Denial in the Arab world and on the left runs deep. In the crisp, cold light of reality, it is clear that neither the west nor Israel humiliated Arab world, notwithstanding the desperate desire of the left and Arab world for that to be true. In fact, it was and remains the inability of the Arabs to rid itself of tyrants like Saddam that continues to humiliate the Arab world.

An even greater shame is that the Arab world have come to defend the tyrants and despots that have caused decades of failure in their societies. Perhaps the greatest shame visited upon the Arab world is how they have allowed the likes of Saddam Hussein and the other tyrants and despots in the region come to redefine the religion of Islam so as to reflect their evil political and ideological agendas. It is as if Hitler were to remake and rework all of Christianity to serve his evil and ideologies.

Like the Jews that marched silently into the 'showers' at Auschwitz without resistance, so too march millions of Muslims into the newly redefined Islam. The difference between themselves and the Jews is clear. The Jews marched to their death only, never relinquishing their faith to evil. The Arabs stood by silently as they watched their religion decimated.

The proof is in the pudding- how is it that 'evil Islam' came into being under the patronage of tyrants and despots? How is it left that abhors religious thought and expression, has come to supports the 'evil Islam,' created, endorsed, supported and sharing the values of tyrants like Saddam?

In Divine Justice, Dr Sanity makes clear a certain reality, one that is almost heartbreaking in it's clarity:

...Saddam Hussein is an individual who takes no responsibility for any of the suffering and pain he deliberately inflicted on many thousands of Iraqis. Nor do I think he suffers much guilt or remorse for his actions. In fact, he is simply incapable of any psychological insight or self-awareness of the forces within that motivate his brutality and arrogant malignancy and entitlement.

One of the definitions of justice is "conforming to truth, fact, or reason" and, as a psychiatrist, I like to think of psychological insight as a sort of divine justice that implacably forces an individual to become aware of even the darkest parts of his or her soul.

Dr Sanity's words cut to the heart of the matter. It is clear that as of now, the Arab world, the left and all the purveyors of evil are refusing to 'conform to truth, fact, or reason,' and as a consequence, there will be more heartbreak, more denial, and more death.