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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It Is A Simple Question, Really

What exactly will leftists like Glenn Greenwald, Kos, Atrios, Yglesias, et al, fight for? What exactly do leftists believe is worth defending?

After savaging Glenn Reynolds for formulating what is a logical and appropriate response to the beasts in Tehran, these questions become relevant.

We know the left does not believe the Darfurese are worthy enough. We know it wasn't the millions that were slaughtered in Rwanda, Congo, Sierra Leonne or East Timor, either, just to name a few places.

The left do not seem to believe Baha'i, Copts, Kurds or minorities in China, Russia or Arab nations are worth defending, either. They has stood by for decades as millions upon millions were butchered by one dysfunctional tyrant after another.

The governing regimes in Tehran and Ramallah are no different than the Nazi regime upon which their ideologies and stated intentions are based. They make no secret of their admiration of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, nor do they make secret of their desire to 'finish what Hitler started.'

The world watched as Mein Kampf became a reality. Had a concerted European effort been made to kill Hitler and the leading member of the Nazi party, 50 million lives would have been spared.

The question remains: With the benefit of hindsight, would the left fight Nazi ideolgies? Or do the policies of the German National Socialist Party trump their evil?

What will the left fight for?

In much of the Muslim world, Iran included, Mein Kampf and Holocaust denial serve as the foundation for the most heinous and ugly of ideologies. It is always interesting to note that those who insist the Holocaust is a lie, are the same people that believe it was a good idea to begin with.

We wrote,

If there were more hate and less love, there would not be the rapes and slaughter in Darfur.

If there were more hate and less love, there would be no real insurgency in Iraq.

If there were more hate and less love, there would be a functioning, peaceful Palestinian state.

Instead, we have none of those things, and in it's place, we have more death, destruction and heartbreak.

We don't hate the rapes and slaughter in Darfur enough, and we don't hate the terrorists who claim they are fighting the 'occupation' in Iraq by slaughtering their own (explain that, please). We don't hate the culture of violence and adoration of butchery in much of the Middle East enough, and as a result, we see the joy and celebration when innocents are killed and whole armies of apologists are quick to blame others for the barbaric and animal-like behavior so evident for us to see...

The fact is, we need more hatred of evil. We need to be outraged at Darfur and the other places like it. We must be so outraged that we must be ready to inflict a pain so great and a punishment so profound, that the evil doers will take note and cease their brutality. There is nothing to discuss about Darfur. There is nothing to discuss about terrorism perpetrated against civilians. If that is a hard concept to accept, close your eyes and imagine it was your wife or daughter in Darfur. Imagine it was your son or husband riding a bus or eating lunch in a restaurant that was to be blown up. There is nothing to discuss about the case for the insurgency in Iraq. That argument was lost when the insurgents started blowing civilians and other innocents, on the streets or at prayer.

The evil doers must tremble in fear from the thought of our hate for them, and at the thought of retribution...

The silence and ugliness on much of the left are thunderous and revolting, indeed.

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